Spartans of the Month

Ash Fork Unified School District is pleased to announce our Spartans of the Month for… AUGUST

Kindergarten- Victor Ayala Ayala –Victor is a responsible citizen. He is a good friend and always does his best.

1st – Isabella Grijalva- Isabella always does her work, and follows our social contract.

2nd – Marissa Gomez – Marissa wants to learn and is always attentive to the next step in the classroom.

3rd – Angel Sotelo- Ayala –He works hard and is eager to do his best and is a fantastic peace keeper.

4th – Karson Johnson- Karson is friendly and helpful to all. Every day he has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He works hard and always gives 100%.

5th – Lisbeth Romero-Rios is kind, helpful and responsible.

6th – Diego Gonzalez from day 1 has come to class with an attitude of giving his 100%.

7th – Tiana Nutter is Responsible, Trustworthy, Steadfast, and a natural leader.

8th Andrea Tellez exhibits great leadership by ensuring that her classmates behave properly both inside and outside of the classroom.

9th –Karen Canela works very hard, is thorough in her assignments and ask questions to make sure she is clear on instructions. Karen is a model student.

10th Alondra Mendez shows leadership qualities, hard worker, and a positive attitude.

11th –Tiffany Hailey has a positive attitude, gets along well with others, strives to do well.

12th – Johnny Leverone has been more mature about handling things, and cooperative.

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