Spartans of the Month

Ash Fork Unified School District is pleased to announce our Spartans of the Month for… OCTOBER

Kinder – Sol Ayala

Sol is a great problem solver and puts much thought and effort into her work.


1st Grade – Jesus Ayala

Jesus is very helpful to his friends and teacher. He also does a great job following our social contract.


2nd Grade- Josue Tellez

Josue always comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He always treats others kindly.


3rd- Grade –Austin Torrez

Austin works hard, reads well, and is great problem solver.


4th Grade- Alberto Ayala

Alberto always has a positive attitude. He strives to do his best and exceed the expectations.


5th Grade- Dakota Torrez

He is a hard worker, great listener and an awesome teammate.


6th Grade- Valentin Leon

Valentin is a very hard worker who tries his best and is always ready to push his thinking to the next level.


7th Grade-Travis Howard

Travis is a hard worker and adheres to our social contract.


8th Grade – Jasmine Ayala

Jasmine is a responsible leader who leads by positive example and is a great asset to middle school.


9th Grade- Shaelynn Cauthen

Shaelynn has a positive attitude, is a hard worker and happy.


10th Grade-Juan Ayala

Juan is diligent, works hard to complete his work.


11th Grade- Valeria Leon

Valeria has improved, she is motivated to complete her tasks.


12th Grade-Justin Jimenez

Justin is always smiling, focused, positive and motivated.

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