Spartans of the Month

Ash Fork Unified School District is pleased to announce our Spartans of the Month for…

March 2014 spartan

Grade Student Name Stands Out Because:
 Kindergarten: Jasleene Gomez She has great attention to detail and beautiful handwriting. She is excited about school and eager to learn.
 First:  Parker Greenough Parker is a leader in our classroom working hard in class and enforcing our social contract.
 Second:  Andres Santoyo He has worked hard in class and works well with people in his group.
 Third:  Daniela Vazquez I can always count on Daniela to uphold our social contract. She is respectful and honest with everyone in the classroom. She is very kind to classmates. She is also very responsible. She always brings her homework back on time and always completes her work in class. Keep up the excellent work Daniela!!!
 Fourth:   Christian Millan Is a kind and responsible person.
 Fifth:  Paola Gonzalez Ayala has a tremendous work ethic and is full of passion and personality!
 Sixth: Christian Gutierrez is outgoing and works diligently to complete his personal and academic goals.
 Seventh:  Daren Anderson puts forth extreme effort in his classes with a smile on his face.
 Eighth:  John Boston does consistent quality work and maintains a good attitude towards school.  He is also very respectful to his classmates and teachers.
 Ninth:  Michelle Modesitt For being the epitome of Leadership.
 Tenth: Paulina Flores For always willing to help others.
 Eleventh:  Abel Cohen For his focus, drive and dedication to the cause.
 Twelfth:   Hector Ayala For his effort and leadership.

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