The majority of High School distance learning with be conducted through Google Classroom. Please direct your students to check their emails at least once a day Sunday through Thursday for the duration of our distance learning.

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NOTE: You must be using an login. If you go to and your device does not ask you to login, you might already be logged in with your personal account. These codes will not work with a personal Gmail account. You will have to log out, and then log back in using your school account.

Updated: 7/27/2020

Please note that codes are case sensitive! 

Google Classroom Codes

  • Mr. Wood: 

Econ/Govt: jvahbot

Honors World Hist: uufa5sy

Standard World Hist: qzdigpd

Ms. Johnson

French 1: qfkfbzf

French 2: sp67yz5

German 1: x37zyfs

Italian 2: tlkj3fl

Spanish 1: xahbpoe

Spanish 2: z6xnuok

Study Hall: rzl5yed

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  • Ms. Guggisberg

Math Essentials: 254gt56

English Essentials: mbtcnrg

  • Ms. Nelsen

     Art 2: 7ueyjer

     Art 1: 57dis7h

     Yearbook: brebsxj

  • Mr. Tiedeman  

All Classes: ahdlfql

  • Mr. Martin

Algebra 1:  otbeaye

College Algebra:  tkxltjs

Algebra 2:  waxqlg5

Geometry:  x76fn6y

Pre-Algebra:  gih5b3n

Physical Education (P.E.):  glnoeei

  • Mr. Hermanson

Chemistry: m66tkbl

Physics (5th Hour):  heq5p5y

Physics (6th Hour):  csccsik

  • Mrs. Leach

All Classes: qtt56la