The five individuals on our school board are elected community members who volunteer their time for the benefit of our school and students. They set district policy; assist in planning, budgeting, and implementing school programs; and help to ensure fiscal responsibility to provide every student at AFJUSD#31 with a quality education.

Jodi Benson

Jodie Benson, Governing Board President

My husband and I have owned land in Ash Fork since 2001, and we moved here in 2017 as full-time residents. Our son attended Ash Fork High School. I ran a global publishing company for 20 years. My husband and I own a solar installation company here in Ash Fork. I also help run the Gospel of Faith Church food bank. I have been on the Ash Fork school board for two years. I hope to continue with the school board working towards furthering the education of children in the area while navigating the unprecedented new obstacles being presented to the school and community.

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Laurie Anderson-Granger

Laurie Anderson-Granger, Governing Board Member

Laurie Anderson-Granger was appointed to the Governing Board 8 years ago.

I am a retired school teacher of 20 years. This gives me a unique perspective on the needs of the school, students and staff. For the last 8 years my husband and I have served the KEW community as volunteer EMT/Firefighters. We enjoy the Ash Fork life.

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Joseph Fairchild

Joe Fairchild, Governing Board Member

Mr Fairchild is an alumni of Ash Fork High School. He also works for the Ash Fork Water Department.

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Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes, Governing Board Clerk

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Debbie Hunt

Debbie Hunt, Governing Board Member

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I have been a resident of Ash Fork for twelve years. During that time, I have been a volunteer at the Ash Fork Elementary School, a volunteer at the Ash Fork Museum, a volunteer at the Ash Fork Food Bank, on 7th Street, a volunteer highway cleaner at various ramps in Ash Fork on Highway Route 40 and currently work as a volunteer at the “Rancher’s Table Food Bank”, in Seligman. I am the proud mother of four grown children and the proud grandmother of three girls.

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The Governing Board Meetings of the Ash Fork Unified School District are conducted on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. Public notice of all regularly scheduled meetings can be found posted at the following location year round: The District Office, 46999 N.5th St., Ash Fork, AZ

Governing Board meeting notices and agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to any meeting at the district office and may also be viewed on our website. If you need any assistance locating meeting information on our site, please contact Sue Atkinson, Governing Board Secretary at (928) 637-2561.