Spartans of the Month

Maritza Ramirez

Kindergarten Maritza Ramirez: For amazing improvements and an awesome attitude!

Alexa Carranza

1st Grade Alexa Carranza: Alexa has incredible attendance which has led her to great achievement!

Wyatt Biehn

2nd Grade Wyatt Biehn: For being curious and asking questions that keep him engaged in learning. He also enjoys and shows appreciation for his classmates.

Dakota Johnson

3rd Grade Dakota Johnson: He is an enthusiastic learner and a fair and honest person.

Mason Eutsler

4th Grade Mason Eutsler: Mason has been focused in class and a pleasure to be around.

Juan Martinez

5th Grade Juan Martinez: Juan has been a positive leader and is taking his education very seriously.

Chandler Benavides

6th Grade Chandler Benavides: Chandler works hard in class and exhibits enthusiasm for learning. He can always be depended on to show good citizenship toward others.

Jesus Ayala

7th Grade Jesus Ayala: Jesus is consistently prepared for school and is putting forth his best effort into his school work. He is well-liked by his classmates and is an impressive athlete.

Jamie Keele

8th Grade Jamie Keele: Jamie continually strives to reach her full potential and provides an excellent example of teamwork and dedication for her classmates. She is considerate of others and creates a warm environment with her sense of humor.

Camden Sisneros

9th Grade Camden Sisneros: Camden has been doing an awesome job staying up with his assignments during remote learning.

Elijah Cardenas

10th Grade Elijah Cardenas: Elijah has maintained and worked hard keeping his grades at a high level.

Cristian Millan

11th Grade Cristian Millan: Cristian has taken the remote learning very seriously and has continued to do well in both his high school and college classes.

Ariana Seay

12th Grade Ariana Seay: Ariana has maintained communication with her teachers to help her get through these times that she is struggling with.

Sue Atkinson

Faculty Sue Atkinson: Sue is very hardworking and makes sure that we get paid! She cares about doing a great job and does countless things behind the scenes to make sure that we keep running! She is always learning new things to make our school the best. In short, she is amazing!

Natalie Broehm

Faculty Natalie Broehm: Natalie works long hours to provide the best in person and online learning the middle school can get. She is always thinking of the kids first!