Spartans of the Month December 2022

James Campbell

Kindergarten: James Campbell-- is very sweet and focused and awesome all the time!

Asher Lavacs

1st Grade: Asher Lavacs-- works hard and comes ready to learn every day. He does a great job working well with friends. He is always willing to share with others and make sure everyone is happy.

Martiza Ramirez

2nd Grade: Maritza Ramirez-- has shown a lot of growth in academics this year. She always put in her best effort. Her confidence has also grown this year. She has found her voice is great at advocating for herself when she needs it. I am excited to see how much more she grows as the year progresses

Matthew Hughes

3rd Grade: Matthew Hughes-- is a focused student who leads by example.

Lisa Haymore

4th Grade: Lisa Haymore-- calmly does her work with a smile and great attitude.

Dakota Johnson

5th Grade: Dakota Johnson-- is a kind young man who enjoyed helping others.

Lyla Peshek

6th Grade: Lyla Peshek-- is dedicated to doing her best and is friend to all of her classmates.

Adrian Santoyo

7th Grade: Adrian Santoyo-- is working hard this year and has made great improvements.

Arlette Sotelo-Ayala

8th Grade: Arlette Sotelo-Ayala- is a conscientious student dedicated to her education.

Jesus Ayala

9th Grade: Jesus Ayala-- Jesus has done an excellent job with his academics and sports.

Reese Redig

10th Grade: Reese Redig-- Reese has really started working on her leadership skills with her involvement in Young Marines. She also continues to do well with academics and sports.

Serenity Hall

11th Grade: Serenity Hall-- Serenity has really made great improvements with her academics. She continues to work hard in all subject areas.

Luis Ayala

12th Grade: Luis Ayala-- Luis has finished his construction certification and now has started some college courses. He continues to strive to keep his GPA high.