Spartans of the Month January 2023

Murphy Leist

Kindergarten: Murphy Leist-- is always in good spirits, tries his best, is a friend to all, and tells the best stories!

Serenity Fillman

1st Grade: Serenity Fillman-- has been working so hard this year! She is always excited about her accomplishments in reading and writing. She has come such a long way this year. She is wonderful to have in class and always participates in discussions. I am so proud of her!

Leo Anaya Morales

2nd Grade: Leo Anaya-- is always very polite and friendly. He is great at following rules. Leo tries his best on all of his assignments. He is also trying to help his little cousin get more comfortable at her new school. Keep working hard with a positive attitude, Leo!

Ryan Fanelli Martinez

3rd Grade: Ryan Fanelli Martinez-- is a good friend to his classmates and has matured a lot lately.

Arileigh Walema

4th Grade: Arileigh Walema-- has been working hard and is a positive leader in class.

Savanna Kirkpatrick

5th Grade: Savanna Kirkpatrick-- is a focused and motivated student. We are super proud of her.

Uriel Santoyo

6th Grade: Uriel Santoyo-- has a positive attitude and encourages others.

Taylor Diaz

7th Grade: Taylor Diaz-- is a hard worker and does a great job modeling the social contract to those around her.

Gabriella Gillespie

8th Grade: Gabriella Gillespie- is a dedicated student who always completes her work with pride.

Gracie Staples

9th Grade: Gracie Staples-- has done a magnificent job this year keeping her academics high and being such a positive role model for her peers.

Nevaeh Mann

10th Grade: Nevaeh Mann-- continues to work hard on her academics, while trying to work and participate in extracurricular activities.

Parnell Tsosie

11th Grade: Parnell Tsosie-- always strives to do well in his classes and in the sports he participates in. He also continues to stay positive.

Paola Acosta

12th Grade: Paola Acosta-- always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help others out. She is a great leader for our school and keeps working hard to achieve a high GPA.

Cris Acosta

Employee of the Month: Cris Acosta-- works hard and has a positive attitude.

Beth Ballistrea

Employee of the Month: Beth Ballistrea-- is an amazing person! She truly cares for our students, and is willing to help out everywhere.