Spartans of the Month September 2022

Brandon Vazquez

Kindergarten: Brandon Vazquez-- for overcoming his fears of school and trying his best every day! Good job Brandon!

Jane Ramirez

1st Grade: Jane Ramirez-- Jane has been working really hard this month to stay on track. She has done really well with her handwriting. She does a great job following directions and always walks quietly in line when we are traveling around school. Great job on all your hard work Jane!

Veta Mallicoat

2nd Grade: Veta Mallicoat-- is a fantastic student. She puts in her best effort in academics. Veta is also very helpful and friendly with her classmates. She goes above and beyond everyday. Her work ethics and enthusiasm will take her far in life!

Rylin Boyd

3rd Grade: Rylin Boyd-- is a great addition to our school. She works hard and follows our Social Contract.

Oscar Ramirez

4th Grade: Oscar Ramirez-- is a highly motivated student who leads by example.

Alex Byrne-Araiza

5th Grade: Alex Byrne-Araiza-- is a kind and fair person who treats students and teachers with respect.

Karen Tellez

6th Grade: Karen Tellez-- has a positive personality and is a hard worker.

Jocelyn Keele

7th Grade: Jocelyn Keele-- is helpful to all of her peers and a role model for our social contract.

Laney Trovillion

8th Grade: Laney Trovillion-- is a responsible student who takes pride in her work and effort.

Jaycen Hensley

9th Grade: Jaycen Hensley-- has done a great job this year keeping up with his academics. He has, for the most part stayed on top of things. Great job.

Hailey Hughes

10th Grade: Hailey Hughes-- Hailey has done an amazing job staying on top of her core classes along with her YC associates classes. Keep it up.

Julissa Nixon

11th Grade: Julissa Nixon-- has struggled at times, but always manages to come out ahead. She works really hard in all of her classes. Keep it going!

Alberto Ayala

12th Grade: Alberto Ayala-- Beto, has both JTED and regular classes this year. He is doing a great job keeping up with both. He is also playing sports this year. Awesome Job!

Ivette Ramirez

Faculty: Ivette Ramirez-- is an amazing paraprofessional and is always willing to help out wherever she is needed .

Carrie Sotelo-Ayala

Faculty: Carrie Sotelo-Ayala-- is always willing to lend a helping hand. She loves her work and loves learning new things. She is an excellent example for our students.