Spartans of the Month

Madison Hughes

Kindergarten Madison Hughes: Because she is always focused, polite, and doing her absolute best!

Paige Lavacs

1st Grade Paige Lavacs: She is new to our school! She has quickly joined in with new friends and is awesome at following our social contract!

Charles Pittman

2nd Grade Charles Pittman: He came into our classroom focused on his learning. He is very respectful of his classmates and the teachers.

Delilah Bryant

2nd Grade Delilah Bryant: She is a ray of sunshine. She is always happy and is a hard worker.

Yaretzi Solorio Martinez

3rd Grade Yaretzi Solorio Martinez: She follows the social contract and leads by example.

Lilly Broehm

4th Grade Lilly Broehm: She is positive, a great listener and is always willing to help others.

Uriel Santoyo

5th Grade Uriel Santoyo: He leads with maturity and is taking his school work seriously.

Ben Armstrong

Middle School Benjamin Armstrong: Ben is putting 100% effort into his assignments and actively participates in class. He is being very responsible about turning in work.

Colton McElwain

Middle School Colton McElwain: Colton is working hard in class and turning in quality work that is well thought out. Colton is a respectful student and model leader for his class.

Lucas Dora

Middle School Lucas Dora: Lucas has put in a lot of work to being organized in class. He does a great job keeping track of his assignments and working on them with 100% effort. He approaches his classes with maturity and demonstrates self-control.

Hazel Norris

Middle School Hazel Norris: She is a sweetheart. She tries her best and loves to learn new things.

Aspen Bond

9th Grade Aspen Bond: Aspen has worked really hard this quarter and has maintained keeping her academics at a high level.

Angel Sotelo-Ayala

10th Grade Angel Sotelo-Ayala: Angel continues to work hard in his associates program, while maintaining high grades in his high school classes.

Luis Ayala

11th Grade Luis Ayala: Luis has really stepped it up this year. He has already completed his Odyssey classes, while attending his regular high school classes and JTED classes.

Lisbeth Rios

11th Grade Lisbeth Rios: Lizbeth is always on task and motivated to do her work on task. She is also a great helper in and out of the classroom. We enjoy having her around.

Kevin Vazquez

12th Grade Kevin Vazquez: Kevin has stepped up in his leadership as a senior. He has taken on more responsibilities and has a great attitude.

Evelina Acosta

Faculty Evelina Acosta: Evelina has worked really diligently to meet the needs of the students and teachers. She is always there to help out when you need her.

Randi Campbell

Faculty Randi Campbell: Randi has done an awesome job. She has one of the hardest jobs, and is handling it with grace. Randi has also worked extremely hard to deal with the COVID problems we have faced this year. She is doing amazing in all aspects of the job :)