Spartans of the month January 2024

Jonathan Vazquez

Kindergarten: Jonathan Vazquez--works hard in the classroom. He has grown so much academically in just a few short months. He is a great role model to all of his peers.

Laila Hernandez

1st Grade: Laila Hernandez--is a wonderful student! She is such a joy to have in class. She is progressing so quickly in her reading and truly enjoys it. She tries hard everyday and it shows in all that she does!

Jane Ramirez

2nd Grade: Jane Ramirez--is a wonderful student. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to work hard. She has shown huge improvement in her academics so far this year. She is also super funny and with a big imagination.

Marley Harrington

3rd Grade: Marley Harrington--leads with maturity and has a gift for helping her classmates.

Rylin Boyd

4th Grade: Rylin Boyd--is a kind person who follows the social contract and always tries her best.

Adryana Ruiz

5th Grade: Adryana Ruiz--takes her classwork very seriously and leads by example.

Natalie Hughes

6th Grade: Natalie Hughes--is polite and a hard worker.

Carl Vanderboegh

7th Grade: Carl Vanderboegh--is kind and helpful. He always puts forth great effort.

Carl Anderson

8th Grade: Carl Anderson--is a respectful and responsible young man who has shown great improvement this year.

Todd Gould

Freshman: Todd Gould--has been working hard to keep his 3rd quarter grades up. He is more involved in his classroom discussions. He has been getting his bell work and classwork complete. Great job!

Gracie Staples

Sophomore: Gracie Staples--continues to work hard in both her high school classes and college courses. She is consistently completing her homework, even on sports trips. Keep it up!

Joanna Carranza

Junior: Joanna Carranza--has been trying hard this quarter. She stumbles at times, but picks herself up right away. She is a pleasure to have in class.

Camden Sisneros

Senior: Camden Sisneros--has really worked hard to complete his assignments so that he can graduate. He has become a more positive person. Awesome job!