Spartans of the year 2023

Colin Campbell

Kindergarten: Colin Campbell-- is such a silly and sweet young man who is so smart and oh so entertaining! We have enjoyed watching him grow and are so proud of how far he has grown and all he has learned throughout this year.

Axel Montano

Kindergarten: Axel Montano-- Has grown so much academically and behaviorally! He has done such a great job overcoming his fears and learning Kindergarten skills. We are so proud of how far he’s come and how much he has grown!

Serenity Fillman

1st Grade: Serenity Fillman-- has come such a long way in her reading skills and best of all, she enjoys doing it! She is always ready to work hard in class. Serenity is also a great friend to her classmates and loves to help others.

Suzie Duarte

2nd Grade: Suzie Duarte-- is a model student. She is funny, outgoing, and friendly. Suzie never complains and always does what is asked of her. What makes Suzie stand apart is her willingness to help others. She is the first one to volunteer to help her teachers and her fellow classmates.

Matthew Hughes

3rd Grade: Matthew Hughes-- the social contract and has a passion for learning. His highly motivated spirit is an inspiration to us all.

Abraham Montano

4th Grade: Abraham Montano-- is a kind person who worked very hard all year. He is a joy to have in class.

Lilly Broehm

5th Grade: Lilly Broehm-- has consistently led her class by following the social contract, being goal oriented and a genuinely good friend to her classmates.

Jayleen Ochoa

6th Grade: Jayleen Ochoa-- works hard to meet the expectations of middle school. She is dedicated to doing her best and has really improved this year!

Derrick Godinez

7th Grade: Derrick Godinez--is an accomplished student who strives for excellence in all he does. He is a role model for his peers and a leader.

Jocelyn Keele

7th Grade: Jocelyn Keele-- is a compassionate individual and a conscientious student. Her hard work and dedication make our middle school a better place.

Gabriella Gillespie

8th Grade: Gabriella Gillespie- has an outgoing personality and a positive attitude. She gives her best toward every aspect of school and is a terrific individual.

Gracie Staples

9th Grade: Gracie Staples-- always has a positive attitude and does well in all of her classes. She has been selected to be one of the four members from our high school to be a part of AIA's SLAC (Student Leadership Advisory Committee. She has entered the Yavapai College Associates program.

Joanna Carranza

10th Grade: Joanna Carranza-- has been working really hard in her classes. She has opened up some and has been able to share some information that has been hard for her. Way to step it up Joanna!

Pablo Zarinana

11th Grade: Pablo Zarinana-- has really stepped it up this year. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA while also attending JTED. He is always positive and his smile is contagious. Keep it going Pablo!

Paola Acosta

12th Grade: Paola Acosta-- has been such a great leader at our school. She is always willing to help out staff and students. She has been involved in NHS, STUCO, sports, and still finds time to keep her GPA at a 4.1667. She will be greatly missed, but we wish her lots of success. Great Job Paola!

Carrie Sotelo

Employee of the Year: Carrie Sotelo-- has juggled classroom and IT department needs with a smile on her face. She gives 100%.

Natalie Broehm

Employee of the Year: Natalie Broehm--wears many hats and puts everything she has into every task and still keeps on track with her teaching. She puts together great programs and opportunities for our students. She puts so much time and energy into everything she does. Thank you for everything !