Spartans of the month August 2023

Roan Boyd

Kindergarten: Roan Boyd--works hard in class and is eager to learn. Roan is a great example to his peers and always has a great attitude.

Cash Alizaga

1st Grade: Cash Alizaga--Cash is a new student at Ash Fork. Cash works hard every day in class, gives all of his work his best effort, and always has his eyes on the teacher. He is a joy to watch on the playground as he has made so many friends.

Madison Hughes

2nd Grade: Madison Hughes--is an exemplary student and school citizen. She is concerned about her education and strives for good grades. Madison is always Participating in classroom discussions. She is also a great friend and follows school rules.

Taylor Campbell

3rd Grade:Taylor Campbell--is focused, enthusiastic and follows the social contract.

Rosalyn Aguilar

4th Grade:Rosalyn Aguilar--is kind, respectful and dependable.

Danna Rubio

5th Grade:Donna Rubio--is highly motivated and a positive leader.

Skyler Cays

6th Grade: Skyler Cays--is a hard worker and a great leader for his classmates.

Joseph Smith

7th Grade:Joseph Smith--is a responsible student and he always gives his best toward his work.

Jocelyn Keele

8th Grade:Jocelyn Keele--is kind, respectful, and a hard worker.