Spartans of the Month

Daisy Leist

Kindergarten Daisy Leist: She's super amazing, always motivated, and a friend to ALL!

Poppy Staples

1st Grade Poppy Staples: She always gives her best effort in class and comes every day with a positive attitude.

Layla Anaya

2nd Grade Layla Anaya: She is the Spartan of the month. She has been a super listener and can stay focused on her learning.

Lilly Broehm

3rd Grade Lilly Broehm: She is focused, positive and has a great sense of humor.

Lyla Peshek

4th Grade Lyla Peshek: She is respectful of others, takes her educations seriously, and show a maturity beyond her years.

Audrina Cays

5th Grade Audrina Cays: She follows the social contract and leads her class with positivity and kindness.

Eva Flores

6th Grade Eva Flores: Energetic Valuable Amazing Ash Fork Student

Jessica Millan

7th Grade Jessica Millan: Joyful Empathetic Successful Smart Influential Confident Awesome Ash Fork Student

Aspen Bond

8th Grade Aspen Bond: Accomplished Smart Persistent Energetic Nice Ash Fork Student

Andres Santoyo

Freshman Andres Santoyo: He has worked hard in maintaining his eligibility.

Tori Sisneros

Sophomore Tori Sisneros: She has struggled getting started as a new student, but has become more steady as she goes.

Damien De La Torre

Junior Damien De La Torre: He has continued to work hard in his classes and has maintained great progress.

Michelle Martinez

Senior Michelle Martinez: She has been very consistent in keeping her grades up in all of her classes.

Tasha Ayala

Faculty Tasha Ayala: She is helpful and accommodating and it shows that she loves her job and cares about others.

Carrie Sotelo

Faculty Carrie Sotelo: She is here late keeping our board connected and keeping our school on the leading edge of technology. Her attitude of joy and laughter fills are halls and encourages others to be joyful as well.