Spartans of the Month October 2022

Jayce Ochoa

Kindergarten: Jayce Ochoa-- He has really been super focused and on fire with his work this month! Way to go Jayce!

Madison Hughes

1st Grade: Madison Hughes-- is a great student that is always attentive to the lesson being taught. She helps out her classmates when they need it. She has a wonderful smile that lights up when she is playing on the swings. She is such a joy to have in class.

Jorge Sotelo-Ayala

2nd Grade: Jorge Sotelo-Ayala-- has such a positive attitude and easy going, he loves to laugh and is an amazing friend. Jorge is naturally inquisitive and likes to learn about nature. Jorge is kind hearted and tries his best. Keep up the great work Jorge!

Rosalyn Aguilar

3rd Grade: Rosalyn Aguilar-- is calm, kind and a super hard worker.

Yaretzi Solorio Martinez

4th Grade: Yaretzi Solorio Martinez-- is focused, patient and has put forth outstanding effort in the classroom.

Skyler Cays

5th Grade: Skyler Cays-- has a great attitude and leads by example.

Jayleen Ochoa

6th Grade: Jayleen Ochoa-- can be counted on to get her work done and she always does her best.

Hayden Treece

7th Grade: Hayden Treece-- does not give up when facing a task that is difficult and always does her best.

Juliana Bustos

8th Grade: Juliana Bustos-- is a conscientious, hard-working student.

Evan Maestas

9th Grade: Evan Maestas-- is doing an awesome job this year. He is maintaining a high GPA for his freshman year.

Chayla 'Percy' Hutton

10th Grade: Chayla 'Percy' Hutton-- has done a great job keeping up with her academics. She continues to have a positive attitude.

Pablo Zarinana

11th Grade: Pablo Zarinana-- has done a better job overall this year. He is attending JTED and keeping up with sports and his high school classes.

Domitilo Ayala

12th Grade: Domitilo Ayala-Millan-- Dom has been striving to do better academically. He always has a positive attitude and is very respectful.

Tyrone Holladay

Faculty: Tyrone Holladay-- always makes time to help all teams, and offers great solutions. He approaches everything with a great sense of humor! Tyrone helps keep our days running smoothly.

Lilly Young

Faculty: Lilly Young-- is an amazing administrative assistant and great addition to the Special Education Department. She works with students, makes appointments, and loves working for Ash Fork Schools. We would be lost without her!!!