Spartans of the month September 2023

Wesley Shiew

Kindergarten: Wesley Shiew--has made great improvement in class. Wesley loves to help everyone and will jump at a job. He has been especially helpful to Mrs. Sharp and helps teach the other students their letters.

Brandon Vasquez

1st Grade: Brandon Vasquez--has been working so hard this year! He loves to work hard and play hard. His reading and math skills are improving everyday and he is such a joy to watch learn and grow.

Serenity Fillman

2nd Grade: Serenity Fillman--has made great progress so far this year. Her test scores are improving quickly. She is a great friend to everyone in class. Serenity is the first one to volunteer to help whenever needed.

Jorge Sotelo-Ayala

3rd Grade: Jorge Sotelo-Ayala--is a kind, positive person who always tries his best and treats his classmates and teachers with respect

Sebastian Rivas

4th Grade: Sebastian Rivas--is well liked by his classmates, has a great sense of humor and works very hard.

Arileigh Walema

5th Grade: Arileigh Walema--has been an outstanding leader who is taking her school work very seriously.

Lilly Broehm

6th Grade: Lilly Broehm--is a self motivated student and kind to all.

Lyla Peshek

7th Grade: Lyla Peshek--is a fantastic friend and a dedicated student.

Derrick Godinez

8th Grade: Derrick Godinez--only accepts his very best and demonstrates excellent leadership skills.

Ben Armstrong

Freshman: Ben Armstrong--has started working hard and has been willing to work with other students. He is also participating in class more. Great Job!

Annmarie Amos

Sophomore: Annmarie Amos--started late at our school and has struggled. But she has buckled down and has shown hard work and improvement in all of her classes. Keep it going Annmarie!

Marissa Gomez

Junior: Marissa Gomez--has been doing a great job keeping up with her classes. She works hard and gets along well with others.

Trinity Winters

Senior: Trinity Winters--has begun to work towards her goals she has set for herself. She continues to work hard and to get classes completed so that she can graduate on time. Way to go Trinity!