Looking for more amazing people to join our team!!!
9 days ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Whiskey Basin 10K Run Natalie Broehm, Monica Holladay, Carrie Sotelo and myself (Sonny Martin) did a 10K run today, April 18. We all finished and I just finished under 2 hours. It was a very hard 10K. Not much running, but more of climbing and going down rocks through a trail through the Granite Dells by Watson Lake. It was a beautiful day to do it as the weather was great. I hope to do another one in October, but only if it’s not through the mountains. I’m glad I did it. Hopefully in October we can get more Ash Fork staff to join us. Great job everyone!
17 days ago, Sonny Martin
Thank you Ash Fork Family Dollar and The Community of Ash Fork for the candy!!! Perfect timing for testing season, team building and end of year send off!!!
20 days ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Many of you have probably heard about our awesome community members that have planned a Prom Event for our high school students at Lulu Belles this Wednesday. The district is excited for our students to have a good time at this event. The district has made some small contributions to the event, but would like to make a point of clarification that this is not a district sanctioned event. We hope all students involved will have a great time with their peers. Thanks to Lulu Belles, who has always supported the district, and others in our community for coming together. Be safe have fun!!!!
22 days ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Child Find (growth and development screening) and Kindergarten Screening (immunization screening) coming up on May 4th, 2021, from 9 AM to 11 AM. For more information, check out this flyer: https://5il.co/razo
28 days ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Ash Fork Schools has an official school store through Rokkitwear! You can buy custom spirit wear, the store is open 24/7, and has over 450 items to choose from! Visit Rokkitwear Spartan Store by clicking this link: https://www.rokkitwear.com/school/1913-ash-fork-schools
about 1 month ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Spartan Apparel store ad
Hello All! Due to COVID epidemic, many of our students need to catch up with their state mandated, required school immunizations. To help with this , Ash Fork Schools will be holding one (more if necessary) free student school immunization clinic on April 7th at the school. Permission slips have been mailed to the families of those students who do not meet state immunization requirements. Please sign and return them to the front office or nurse’s office as soon as possible. Any questions please contact school nurse. Thank you! Maine Howington School Nurse
about 1 month ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
If you were wondering why our staff looks so healthy lately, it’s because we lost a total of 1️⃣7️⃣7️⃣ pounds during our 4 week weightloss challenge!! Great job we are so proud of you!!!
about 2 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
healthy heart plate
No School March 15th-18th! Have a safe spring break!
about 2 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
No School March 15th-18th!  Have a safe spring break!
Kindergarten had a really fun week celebrating literacy and Dr. Seuss’ birthday 🥳. Starting with Monday with hat 🧢 day! Tuesday was crazy sock day! Wacky Wednesday was next, and today was pajama day!
2 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
wacky Wednesday
Sock Day
pajama day
Staying safe and looking fly! Art teacher Mrs. Tasha is a great designer!
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Sherri with mask
A big thanks to Tasha Ayala and Sherri James for replacing the candy bar in the front office with all of these healthy snacks! Our staff has been working hard to stay healthy and lose weight. We lost a total of 81lbs together!! 🥗🥙🥪
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Healthy Snacks
Thank you to Family Dollar and all the community for the donations for the wonderful balloon bouquets of appreciation! We feel appreciated and valued!💕♥️💙💜❤️💖💚💛
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
No School Monday, February 15th
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
The Governing Board has decided to move high school into hybrid beginning Tuesday, February 16, 2021. Kindergarten through 12th grade will move into full in person classes beginning Monday, March 1, 2021. After Monday, March 1, 2021 there will be no online platform offered.
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Please read, important news
Ash Fork Schools is now part of the Dell Member Purchase Program! This means that you can get discounts on technology through Dell with our special link! Check out the program here: https://5il.co/p8ki Go directly to the website here: www.Dell.com/mpp/AshForkSD
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Ash Fork JUSD #31: Snow day tomorrow, January 25. Students need to login to their Google Classrooms to complete their assignments.
3 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Snow Flake
At our last board meeting Tim Carter (Yavapai County School Superintendent) came to swear in our newly elected board members. Welcome to another term Laurie Anderson-Granger and Susan Barnes!
4 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
Laurie Anderson-Granger, Tim Carter, Susan Barnes
Susan Barnes, Laurie Anderson-Granger, Tim Carter
No School Monday, January 18th!
4 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31
The school board has voted to begin online learning for all high school students starting Monday January 4th Elementary and middle school will continue with the hybrid model The educational model will be reassessed on the January 11th board meeting No sports at this time
4 months ago, Ash Fork JUSD #31