First Grade Class holding their tablets

1st Grade

     Students in first grade are reaching their reading goals using LEXIA Core 5 Reading.  LEXIA is a web based program that provides personalized learning in the areas of reading instruction explained below.

  • 1)Phonics – a method for teaching word identification strategies based on the relationship between letters and sounds.
  • 2)Automaticity & Fluency – identifying letters, letter patterns and isolated words accurately and quickly.
  • 3)Vocabulary – the knowledge of word meanings and their relationships among other words.
  • 4)Comprehension – the active process of understanding spoken and written language.

     When logging in for the first time students were given a placement test that measured the skills they had already acquired.  After taking the test the program automatically placed them at a level according to their performance.  During their time working with the program, I am able to see how they are progressing.  The program alerts me when students are struggling and I am able to provide them with an individualized lesson before returning them to the program.  Students are very enthusiastic about the program and I enjoy how it helps me target skill gaps as they emerge in my students’ learning. 

     Over spring break I sent home logins and passwords to access the LEXIA program at home.  If you are working at home, there are a few important things to consider.  Please make sure only the enrolled student is signing in and using the program, not siblings or parents.  Also, it is important that your child works without any help while using LEXIA.  All of the work your child does at home is recorded and reported to me.  I will provide additional instruction if your child is struggling in a certain area. 

     Thank you for all you do to help your child to be successful in school!  LEXIA is just one more tool our district is using to help our students meet their academic goals. 

Mrs. Redig