Joshua Hall doing an experiment

Water Conservation Project 

Students learned about water conservation, the water cycle and had fun exploring the states of water. The third through fifth graders developed real life solutions for helping their families conserve water, educate them on the importance of water conservation and maybe even save them some money.

Here is a list of ways the students came up with to conserve water in their homes:

Shower: Take shorter showers, make a schedule that reduces the number of showers taken, turn off water when lathering, turn down water pressure

Toilet: Use low flush toilets, flush only when necessary, place object in tank to reduce volume, don’t over-flush

Laundry: Make sure to set washing machine to the appropriate load size, wear clothes more than once, hand wash

Dish-washing: Use low water dishwasher, be careful not to use too much soap, turn off water while scrubbing dishes, reuse water cups, use rinse tub, set a limit for the amount of water used beforehand, only run the dishwasher if it is full

Brushing Teeth: Turn water off when brushing, limit yourself to one cup per brushing, set a timer

Reuse water: Use gray water from shower to water outdoor plants and other outdoor uses, reuse any cooking water plants or putting out wood stove fires, collect rain water, give left over drinking water to pets and plants

Maintain Plumbing: Routinely look for and repair indoor and outdoor leaks

If you have any additional ideas for conserving water please share them with your child. Through education we can help ensure wise water management for years to come.