Middle School Group Picture: Grand Canyon

            This year in middle school PE, students learned about the importance of physical fitness, health, and wellness, and physical activity. Students learned that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are looking good, feeling good, enjoying life’s activities and being able to meet emergencies. To help students understand how these concepts work together, they completed a nine-mile hike at Grand Canyon National Park. The hike took students from the top of Bright Angel Trail to Indian Gardens and back again. The hike allowed students to see how being physically fit allowed them to enjoy a strenuous hike through one of our nations national parks. Below are some of our students’ reflections about their hike.


“I learned that I am capable of doing anything as long as I work hard and have confidence in myself.” –Marissa


“I enjoyed the Grand Canyon because it was really pretty. I learned that if you want to do something in life, then you have to set your mind on it and then you can do it someday.”- Hailey


“I liked going down, the scenery, and the cool parts of the trail. I learned that being in shape has many benefits like going to the canyon.”-Jeffrey


“The Grand Canyon trip was fun and exciting. It taught me that most of the time when you want to stop it is only in your mind. Overall, the canyon was a good time to hang out with your friends as long as you are mentally and physically prepared.” – Pablo


“The Grand Canyon was fun and an experience of a lifetime. I got to see how mentally tough I was, and once I got to the bottom I felt like I could do more in life. But when I got to the top again, it felt like I could do anything I set my mind too. I really felt good about myself both mentally and physically. I proved to myself that I could be physically and mentally tough.” –Julissa


“I loved the hike. It was fun and very beautiful. I never really knew I could do it, and hiking it really made me think I could. My partner Marissa helped me to have courage. I really would do the trip again.” –Violeta


“What I liked about the Grand Canyon was the beauty of it, and it makes you push as hard as you can to finish by not giving up. Also, I learned that if you don’t give up and stay positive you can do anything if you put your mind to it. The Grand Canyon was the best thing that I ever pushed myself through.” –Aspen


“The one thing I learned from the hike is that it was challenging and that I was healthy”- John


“The Grand Canyon was full of great views. Being in physical shape and being mentally strong does pay off.” –Parker


“I learned from the Grand Canyon that I am capable of hiking ten miles and that I am strong!” –Hannah


“I definitely enjoyed the view from the top and continuously on the way down. Indian Gardens was beautiful. There was a little stream and it was nice, cool, and clear. The hike up was hard. I kept looking up at how much I had to go and it felt like it would never end. During this trip I learned that what I put my mind to I can accomplish it. I also learned to stay at my own pace and not focus on how fast the person in front of me was going.” –Reese


“I enjoyed going to Indian Gardens because I had never gone there. Hiking back up taught me to work at my own pace and not worry about what everyone else was doing.” –Joanna


“I enjoyed the Grand Canyon because it was really pretty. I learned that I can achieve anything as long as I don’t give up.” –Andrea


“I loved the beautiful views from the top and the bottom. I loved the toughness of the hike. This hike taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that I am mentally tough enough for anything.”- Lesly


“My favorite part of the canyon was going down because of the view. I learned that you can do anything as long as you stay positive.” –Jessie


“What I enjoyed about the Grand Canyon was everything, and I am glad that I was healthy and strong enough to go.” –Josue


“The hike was a life changing experience. I learned that when you work hard amazing things will happen to you. I learned that I can do anything that I put my mind too. I am glad I got to go.”-Alee