12 Basic Social Skills

Social skills are weaved into the fabric of our day to day living.  As children learn these skills at home and in a school setting they may be easily picked up on while some take longer to acquire.  I think we should always be adjusting our social skill set. 

The adults in children’s lives can help them to develop social skills that will help them navigate friendships, their roles in the family, sports and the broader social world.  Success in the social world can lead to a better understanding of who we are and the way we hope to be perceived.

I am reading a book called Atomic Habits.  The author James Clear writes about how each action or choice we make is a vote for the type of person we want to be.  I think this is a great way to approach learning social skills.  Do I want to be a person who uses polite words, takes turns or has a positive attitude?  If I choose to act this way then someone will want to do the same for me.

Let’s help children and students vote for fulfilling lives using these prudent social skills!

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