Painted Pumpkins

I am so pleased to have two Art Classes this year!  Last year’s Art II class has “graduated” to a different level of art explorations.  This includes water color, clay, and soon, sculpture and oil painting.  This class went to the Grand Canyon where we took photographs and, choosing a small segment of the picture, replicated it in a water color painting.  This proved to be more difficult than anticipated, but the students’ put a lot of effort into the assignment.  Our clay project was much more successful, as you can see from the photos.  Working with the clay at times was frustrating yet fun.  The class experimented with different styles to create their clay pots.

The students in Art I, have explored the Elements of Art as well as the Principles of Design.  We have an entire wall of their works in the Art Gallery.  Students used gauze, salt water, alcohol, and other materials to create the textures. The textured works were laminated and then framed.  The lamination made the textures stand out and the colors became more vibrant.

Instead of carving pumpkins (a very messy process), the students painted and decorated plastic ones of various sizes. Creativity was at the forefront of their efforts.  Just take a look at their “pumpkins.”