Dear Parents/Guardians of future Young Marines,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the Young Marines by attending our meeting last Thursday.  Ash Fork Young Marine enrollment has jumped from seven to twenty-seven.  We look forward to beginning the training process with our new recruits. Please see below for important information necessary to kick off the recruit training. 

First Meeting:  Wednesday, 3 March 2021

 Attire: PT gear (White T-shirt, black or navy-blue shorts, white socks, athletic shoes)

Bring Water!

Elementary:  1445-1600 (2:45-4:00)

Middle School:  1600-1730 (4:00-5:30)

High School:  1445-1600 (2:45-4:00)

Young Marine Recruit Training Schedule

 The 35-hour virtual recruit training will take place at Ash Fork School or your home on the following dates. 

Day 1 of 6:  Friday (March 5th-1745-2100hrs) 5:45pm-9:00pm

Day 2 of 6:  Sunday (March 7th-0845-1600hrs) 08:45am-4:00pm

Day 3 of 6:  Saturday (March 13th-0845-1600hrs) 08:45-4:00pm

Day 4 of 6:  Sunday (March 14th-0745-1500hrs) 07:45-3:00pm

Day 5 of 6:  Friday (March 19th-1745-2100hrs) 5:45-9:00pm

Day 6 of 6:  Sunday (March 21st 0745-1500hrs) 07:45-3:00pm

Graduation: Saturday (March 27th-1000hrs) 10:00am

*Please let me know if you need modifications to this schedule*

Young Marine Recruit Attire

Class Uniform:  White T-shirt (without graphics or print), Jeans (without rips), white calf high socks, athletic shoes, black belt. (Long-hair pulled up)

PT (Physical Training) Gear:  Navy or Black PT shorts, White T-shirt, white calf high socks, athletic shoes. 

Boot Information:  Black Jungle or Black Combat boots.  Please contact me if you need assistance with purchasing boots.

Physical Examinations:  We are working to arrange group examinations.  Stay tuned for more information regarding this.)

Insurance Information: Copy of front and back of insurance card due March 4th.

Please contact me should you have any questions.

Mrs. Jeaneen Leach