Superintendent Seth Staples

Welcome to Ash Fork Schools!

Ash Fork is a small rural community located at the junction of Interstate 40 and highway 89 in Northern Arizona.  Ash Fork Schools had its first graduating class in 1929 and has been a pillar for the community ever since.  Our district serves nearly 300 students and 35 staff members.  We pride ourselves on giving students as many opportunities as possible to gain the skills and experience to  be successful at school and in life.

 In 2013 Ash Fork School District made the list for being ranked as one of the top ten school districts in the state based on state testing results.  In 2014 we pushed even harder and was ranked number one in the state.  We have continued to increase academically and produce more prepared students for college and a career. 

Our elementary school has been “A” ranked for five years in a row and continues to not only meet the standards but exceed them.  Ash Fork Middle School allows students to grow and progress in order to prepare for high school success. 

Our middle school offers many activities such as dances, team building, and a yearly three day Colorado River Adventure.  Ash Fork High School offers a host of programs to help students fulfill their individual needs. 

Ash Fork High School Students in coordination with Mountain Institute JTED offers a variety of technical education courses that range from Medical Professions to Electrical Lineman.  Our crown jewel is our welding program that offers national certification and job placement upon completion.  High school students can also complete up to two years of college during their high school years attending our associates degree program.   

All of these programs are great but what really sets Ash Fork Schools apart is its staff.  We have been able to enjoy a very low staff turnover during the past years which has allowed us to grow as a strong team that can accomplish difficult tasks and prepare our students for their own adventures.  Ash Fork Schools was chosen as a showcase school for the Capturing Kids Hearts program.  We feel strongly that an important component of student success is building strong lasting relationships with our students and families.

Thanks for checking us out,

Seth Staples