Is it a good fit?

         There are two ways to help readers choose a book.  I like to encourage students when going to the library to think about certain ideas.

        The first is to use the I-Pick method.  The 'P' is purpose- why do they want to read the book.  Do they want to learn something or enjoy it in some way?  The ‘I’ is Interest- does it interest me? Is there something on the cover or inside when I read part of it that makes me interested?  Student choice can really drive their learning.  The 'C' is Comprehend- do I understand what I read?  Is the text at the appropriate reading level?  It should not be to low that it doesn’t interest students but it shouldn’t be too high a level that it cannot hold their attention.  The ‘K’ is know- Do I know most of the words?  Students should choose a book based off of their ability to read fluently most of the words on any given page of the book.

               The second part of choosing a book is to use the idea is it a good fit.  To tell- use your hand to help:

1 missed word- A little easy

2 missed words- A Good Fit

3 missed words- Just Right

4 missed words- May Need Help

5 Missed words- Too hard

               Next time you visit the library – think of these ideas to help your student choose a good fit book!

Mrs. Holladay