Hands On Fun With Science Labs : Students and teachers experiment  in science class

We are happy to announce that the elementary students are excited about learning with our new weekly science labs. It has been a joy to watch the enthusiasm that students have for science and experiential learning. Students look forward to going to an academic class as much as their other specials. That is saying a lot, considering how much they love Mrs. Val’s P.E and Mrs. Tasha’s Art class.   

Our goal is to create a new opportunity that will ignite a passion for discovery that can cross over to  other academic areas and inspire students to become lifelong learners. Achieving this has become much easier with the help of Mr. Hermanson. We are fortunate to have access to a science teacher who has a great deal of experience and expertise with the upper grades. His labs are scaffolded to prepare students for success in middle and high school. They are hands on, based on Arizona Readiness Standards and introduce science vocabulary and methodologies. 

If you have a student participating in the science labs please ask them what they are learning and help foster their curiosity by researching and exploring together. We encourage you to experiment together or create a presentation to share with classmates. The internet has a ton of resources and links for child friendly science experiments that can be both fun and educational for your child and you. Hopefully, together we can inspire a child to want to learn.