Father and son Welding

The New Year in the welding shop had the students - and instructor - buckling down to prepare for the welding certification tests. There were a variety of different kinds of certification tests that the students attempted and each test piece was carefully examined and manipulated by a professional welding inspector to determine weld integrity. These tests are specifically used to assure and certify that a welder is able to execute a certain kind of weld up to industry standards. Around half of the students were successful in everything from the first cert test, called 1G, to 4G and fillet welds. We are so proud of the hard work that everyone put in and the addition of more certified welders at Ash Fork High School!

The quarter ended with a parent Meet and Greet in the welding shop where the students became the instructor to their parents and showed off their skills on multiple different machines. Some parents even got do some welding of their own! Thank you so much to all the amazing family members that braved the snow storm to make it a fantastic evening in the welding shop! We can’t wait to host another event and have you back!