Art show and sale, March 31- 3-6 PM &  April 1- 12-3 PM

Hello Parents, Friends, Neighbors, and the Ash Fork Community…

The High School Art Classes are happy to present some of their artworks at our upcoming Art Show and Sale.  We have two presentations for you.  The first will be on Thursday, March 31st from 3PM to 6PM (just in time for the Movie Night).  The second on Friday, April 1st (no fooling) from 12 Noon until 3PM.  All artworks are original, one-of-a-kind.

Even though paint brushes and sculpting tools are a major part of creating art, the students were creative by using yarn, colanders (yes, the kitchen kind), and various beads.  Students used various paints -  tempera, acrylic, and acrylic paint specific for pouring.  Brushes were seldom used.  Tools substituted were yarn and beads for pulling paint and colanders for pouring.  Depending on what effect the students’ goals were, they used silicon oil to create cells; they split drinking cups into sections with rubber bands; they poured the paint in “tree ring” patterns; they flipped canvasses over cups; they used “clean” and “dirty” pours.  The final step was tilting the canvasses to achieve “the look.”   They tilted, tilted, and tilted some more!  Just wait and see the final outcomes!

We hope to see you at the Art Show – the students are anxious to show off their artworks.  By the way – all proceeds go to the student artists!