2nd Graders in class

   The first Day of spring was March 20, 2022.  At school, this time of year is when students put all there learning together and show the growth and progress made to this point.  As parents and teachers we have watched the social, emotional and academic progress that has been achieved up to now.  But it is not over. It will begin again with a new grade in the fall.

Just like in spring we watch blossoms explode and green paint the landscape.  We see our students’ blossom and bloom with reading, writing or math understanding or being a good friend or becoming a better student.  They may become masters of an area or maybe move to proficient.  Learning is a process that is ongoing and cyclical like the seasons.  As parents, teachers and coaches we encourage during the tough growth times and cheer for accomplishments, whether big or small progress has been made.  So at this final push of learning and testing lets cheer for and praise our learners for their hard work and perseverance.