Jesus, Miclo, Jayden, Brayan

Hello Ash Fork families!

                As we close out this school year, I wanted to send out a message and thank you all for welcoming me into this amazing community. It has been so wonderful to work with each of your students. I am looking forward too many more years here in Ash Fork. To end the year this year, our Social Studies classes have spent time learning about World War I, World War II and the Cold War. It has been so interesting to hear about how students compare and contrast current events in Ukraine and Russia with the events of the past.  Next year, our upcoming 6th and 7th grade classes will start the year learning about world history and our 8th grade class will get an in depth look at American history. I already have some fun activities mapped out and anticipate another successful year. 

                In our Science class, our students have spent the end of the year learning about climate change and weather. We worked through some fun science projects in the unit. I am attaching pictures to a science project that ended in an all-out water balloon fight. In this project, students were asked to get a full water balloon inside a Gatorade bottle. Key knowledge about how air pressure works helped students figure out the water balloon puzzle. The students and I had a ton of fun and had a great opportunity to clean the classroom out after. We will start the next school year with every grade working through the composition of atoms and molecules. Thank you so much again for all of your support. I hope you all have a wonderful summer break

Very Respectfully,

DJ Sanderson