Summer Break

What Can You Do at Home Over Summer Break?


Keep Special Education Students Engaged Over Summer Break-

Providing an engaging environment over long breaks like summer can seem difficult when children have plenty of free time on their hands, and you don’t. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fit in engaging activities.  Even if you do find activities for your child to do over summer break outside the home, you can do a few things at home. 

Create a Schedule- 

Make a plan with your child and outline what they will do each week or day. A plan is beneficial for the whole family, especially for special needs children who need consistency and routine.


Encourage them to exercise every day by doing things like: 

  • Going outside for walks
  • Playing sports
  • Playing games and having dance-offs with siblings or friends 
  • Swimming 
  • Riding a bike

Provide Learning Activities at Home- 

There are a lot of ways that you can provide learning activities for your child at home. 

  • Read books about topics they’re interested in
  • Take online classes through Coursera or other sites like Khan Academy
  • Explore special interests they typically don’t have time for during the school year
  • Having a family game night with games that teach history, geography, etc. 
  • If you have great internet you may want to look into  special education tutoring!

If you would like to keep your child entertained locally you can visit the Ash Fork museum, visit Centennial Park, the school’s play ground is normally open unless they’re getting repairs, stone dam/steal dam, or Johnson Canyon Railway Tunnel.  Some students’ have signed with our Little League and will be kept busy until July!!! Have a great summer Ash Fork Families and see you next year!!!!

Evelina Acosta- AFJUSD#31 Special Education Director