Team Building at Museum

Middle School Team Building

On Thursday, October 18th, the Ash Fork middle school students were a little more excited about school than usual.  This was not because it was a half day but because this day was team building.  It has been part of the culture at Ash Fork School to take at least one day out of each quarter where students can connect in a different setting.  The Middle School student council members (Luis, Elijah, Angel and Andres) had been busy coming up with activities and getting this day organized for about 70 students.

This particular day started out with students sharing good things. The students were then divided up into 9 teams.  Each teams had all grade levels 6th, 7th and 8th.  Their first task was to come up with a team name and hand shake.  Shortly after, we all walked down to the Ash Fork Historical Society Museum. Each team took turns doing a scavenger hunt in the museum. They all learned something knew about the community they lived in. We would like to than Fayrene and Annmarie for being so helpful and for the wonderful cookies. 

We then headed back to the school where the teams raced each other in the obstacle course on the field.  Some activities included hula-hoops, jump ropes, bats and soccer balls. By now it was time to eat lunch. After lunch, students had a face painting competition.  Each team picked a person and they all worked together to create a Halloween face painting. 

Finally, students got to reflect the last part of the day about how they would like people to remember them.  They had a stick of chalk and the sidewalk in front of the school to illustrate their reflection. They got some of their inspiration from the movie “Coco” and the museum.  Team building is a necessary part of Ash Fork School. Grade levels are separated throughout the day and students tend to only talk to peers they are close to.  This is one of the ways Ash Fork Schools builds relationships amongst student.