All for Max

All for Maxine Howington.

On December 4th , 2018 we surprised our school nurse (head chief) Max! It has been the longest year to hold onto this big secret. We dedicated our 2018 yearbook to her. Our school administrators, staff, and her family were the key elements involved in helping us bring this together for her. All the details had to be slightly delayed to make it all perfect. Her son Phil Laing was able to get her to the school on this day, when she had scheduled to be gone for personal reasons. Having Phil here to meet us and talk to our cadet core was an honor. Max is very much proud of her son Phil and all his accomplishments, his most recent being ranked Colonel. Our Cadet Core students from Mrs. Leach’s class gave a color guard presentation. One of our cadets Ana Wolfe sang The National Anthem. Maxine was totally blown away with this. She is very proud and patriotic, I’m sure she assumed at the time this was all for Phil. Right after the color guard was finished we had four students affirm Max. Kenny Tellez, Vanessa Carmona, Gracie Staples and Josie Chamberlain. They all were nervous speaking to her in front of the big crowd but did so well, great job you guys and thank you! Then the REAL reason was revealed to her as she opened the color proof of the book. She was so surprised! Mission accomplished! We are so lucky to have her. It seriously takes a village, and she is our chief. We will be right behind her to support her and celebrate her in anyway, this day was so much more than the book dedication. Thank you all again!

Naomi Moctezuma Verser