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Dear Middle School Families, 

Welcome back to a new school year. My name is Mrs. Broehm, and I am the reading, writing, and PE teacher for Ash Fork Middle School. I have taught in the Ash Fork School District since 2008 and taught middle school PE for the last eight years and middle school reading and writing for the previous seven years. This letter aims to help prepare you and your child for my classes this year. 

Middle School ELA Expectations

I expect students to read and write daily in my language arts classes. During a given class period, your child will be asked to take notes, have academic conversations with peers, read to themselves and others, and write often. 

Furthermore, please expect your child to have nightly 30-45 minutes of homework for my class. Your child’s reading homework includes vocabulary pages, reading, and responses. The nightly reading homework will center around the text we have read that day in class. Prior reading of the text in class should help your child effectively manage the time they need to spend on the homework assignment.  

Here is a list of materials that your child will need for middle school ELA this year:

  • Pencils or Pens

  • Highlighters

  • One notebook 

  • One folder to hold in-progress work 

  • One three-ring binder of at least ½ inch to store essential documents for the quarter.

Middle School PE Expectations

7th and 8th-grade students will have PE this year with Ms. Acosta and me. During their time with me, I expect students to put in 100% effort toward building their physical fitness and health. Your child will run a mile daily and complete fifteen to twenty minutes of strength-building exercises. While completing these activities, your child should be breathing hard, sweating, and should be unable to carry on conversations. After fitness with me, they will see Ms. Acosta to work on sports skills. 

Here is a list of supplies your child will need for middle school PE this year:

  • A gym bag to hold their change of clothes and weights (this can be any extra bag)

  • A change of clothes (t-shirt and athletic pants or shorts) Leggings or sweats are fine. If your child chooses to wear shorts, make sure they have a length that at least reaches their fingertips. 

  • Tennis shoes or athletic shoes that can be worn for running daily.

  • A set of five-pound hand weights for strength exercises. 

I am looking forward to working with your child this year!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Broehm’s email: