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20 Students Completed Yavapai College Classes This Semester

Ash Fork High School had a successful semester continuing our Associate of Arts Program and Concurrent Enrollment Program.  The Associates Program allows highly prepared, teacher-recommended freshmen to begin taking classes through Yavapai College and graduate from Ash Fork High School with both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree from Yavapai College.  Our Concurrent Enrollment Program allows academically-qualified students (mostly seniors) to take Yavapai College courses in the place of their high school requirements.  For example, a student may choose to take English 101 and English 102 through Yavapai College instead of taking English 12 at Ash Fork High School.

For the Fall 2018 semester, 9 Ash Fork students took a total of 22 courses through Yavapai College as part of our Associates Program.  11 additional students took a total of 21 courses through our Concurrent Enrollment Program. 

For the Spring 2019 semester, 3 new freshmen will be introduced to our Associates Program and 4 new students will be completing high school requirements through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Students enrolled in both programs are required to independently keep up with the requirements of online Yavapai College courses using study halls, online tutoring, and teacher assistance facilitated by Ash Fork High School.  They are required to advocate for themselves and monitor their own academic progress as they move through each course.  They are also required to follow the Yavapai College Academic Calendar, which begins and ends at different times from the Ash Fork calendar and does not recognize the same holidays and breaks.  In the end, students who dedicate themselves to this program have the potential to fulfill thousands of dollars in college requirements while still in high school, significantly reducing the cost of a college education.