Art Gallery

There has been an enormous increase in the number of students and classes we now have at our school.  And what an incredible amount of artwork the classes have created since school began.  

The two Art I classes have studied and produced work pertaining to the Elements of Art, the Principles of Design, as well as learning about Color, and its components.  They have created artwork in the style of Vasily Kandinski and Rene Magritte.  Their first “pour paint” activity produced amazing results using a marble to move the paint on the canvas.  They are completing the first quarter by using clay to make Pinch Pot Animals.

The Art II class worked diligently to make Clay Coil Pots.  The assignment created a good amount of frustration when certain parts broke off their works.  (Thank goodness for glue guns!)  Even though we had some catastrophes, the end results were better than expected for everyone.  The class moved on to creating their interpretation of Bob Ross’ “Northern Lights” painting.  From there they studied the works of Claude Monet and painted a lily pond based on his style.

I created a lesson for both classes based on Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” while driving to school one day and looking at the different types of trees that surround us.  We analyzed the poem itself and discussed what the poet might have meant when he wrote it.  After breaking parts down, the students then painted their interpretation of the poem.  What a fantastic display of “trees” we have exhibited on our Art Gallery.

We are looking forward to our new Art Gallery which will be in the Portico area.  This will allow us to display more and more of the art produced by our students.