Welder Fabricating

Quarter 2 started with an introduction to GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding also known as MIG) for first year welding students while second year welding students began their journey into the world of fabrication. There were several first year students who excelled in GMAW and started some fabrication projects with the second year students while others let their creativity flow with personal projects. Some of these projects included roses, snowflakes, cups, name plates, and a full size shield.

With the end of the quarter sending us into winter break, the shop was embracing the Christmas spirit by making a Christmas tree. Students paired up and each team made a branch, each being a different size. In a real team effort, students helped each other with welding the branches to the trunk that was then decorated with Christmas lights. It added a real sparkle to the Open House, Parent Meet and Greet that took place before break! That event was a real hit and saw dozens of families flowing in and out of the shop with students happily showing their parents, siblings and others how to weld, use the machines, torches and other hot and sparkly tools.

This quarter was also a big one for our SkillsUSA chapter. The chapter narrowed down the members that would be able to compete in the regional welding contest that is happening in February. Good luck team!