The annual Ash Fork Schools Christmas Concert has triumphantly returned. After a couple years off do circumstances beyond our control, parents and community members welcomed back the performers with enthusiastic and gracious applause. The multi-purpose room was brimming with smiles, hardy chuckles and excited applause. 

As fun as it was to watch, it was even more rewarding for the performers. The students had amazing attitudes and were highly motivated at every step of the way. Each elementary class showed focus, work ethic and creativity as they prepared and performed their song. The middle school performers were not only hilarious, but were outstanding team players and showed courage and confidence as they kept the audience engaged. Watching the students standing a little taller after their successful performance was a great reminder of what this concert really means to the students. 

Finally, this special night could not have happed without the support of teachers, maintenance, kitchen, staff and one very enthusiastic hippopotamus. Thanks for empowering our students.