Middle School Group Picture: Ice Skating

Middle School Q3 Team Building by Erika Acosta  2/26/2019

We kicked off quarter 3 this year with a field trip to Flagstaff. Students loaded the bus right after lunch and we headed straight for Buffalo Park. Many of the students had never been to this area of Flagstaff.  The trails were slippery, snowy and muddy making the walk even more enjoyable.  The trails give wonderful views of the San Francisco Peaks.

Soon, it was time to go on over to the Jay Lively Activity Center (JLAC) ice arena.  The students laced up their skates and went out onto the ice.  Ice skating was a challenge for those who had never done it before.  There was constant smiles on their faces as they tried to figure out how to stay upright.  The new environment put students in a position to use their communication skills and work together to problem-solve. 

One of the most rewarding feelings being a teacher is to witness first hand when students feel the most proud about themselves.  This can happen at any time; in the classroom, playing sports, on a field trip, etc.  The amount of positive energy those students gave off that day, even the injured ones, was priceless.

Daniela Vazquez: “Ice skating was a really fun experience we did for team building.  One of our friends got hurt which was sad because it was when he first entered the ice skating ring.  It was my first time going ice skating and it was really exciting especially because my friends were there.”

Paola Acosta: “Ice skating was a fun experience especially because we went with friends. Although most of us fell a lot, it was one of the most thrilling team building activities middle school has had in the last three years.  There were many other ice skaters and hockey players which was cool to watch. ”

Violet Gunn: “Ice skating was really fun.  It’s almost like roller skating but you are on two thin blades.  The movement is exactly the same.”

Domitilo Ayala: “Ice skating looked really easy but when you actually are doing it, it was terribly hard. Also, I sprained my ankle but for other people that knew how to do it, it looked like they were having fun and it was a good challenge for them. ”

Hugo Mendieta: “My experience was great since I was not one of the hurt kids.  I fell a lot and I thought I should give up.  Then I got the hang of it and I went around multiple times without falling.  I realized this was really fun.”

Andres Santoyo: “I had the time of my life even if it led to my arm in a cast.  It was really fun and my first time ice skating. I was really good at it but at the end I fell on my arm. I got the cast off recently and it was worth it.  Everyone should try ice skating.”