Softball on Chalk line

Springtime is knocking in Northern Arizona, and that can only mean one thing, wind, rain, snow, and softball. And, while we certainly have seen a lot of rain this spring, that hasn’t deterred the Lady Spartans softball team. This year there are fifteen ladies on our softball team. We have seven returning players on the team: senior Andrea Tellez, senior Celeste Ayala, junior Evelyn Acosta, junior Tiana Nutter, sophomore Brittanie Cauthen, sophomore Jordyn Tenn, and sophomore Vanessa Carmona. In addition to our returning players, we have eight new players with us this year: senior Yaheri Gonzalez, senior Alaina Johnston, senior Yoana Flores Saucedo, senior Ana Wolfe, junior Yareli Gonzalez, sophomore Annabelle Johnston, freshman Ines Siyuja, and freshman Kadence Weaver. 


Furthermore, the Lady Spartans will play fifteen games this year. Eight of those games will be at home while the rest will be away. The Lady Spartans have already played one of their away games against Salome. Even though we did not beat Salome, it was an excellent game for the Spartans. The ladies made great strides with their batting during the Salome game with one infield home run, one triple, and five doubles. The ladies also made several impressive fielding plays including two double plays, one of them being an essential double play at home. All in all, the lady Spartans are gearing up to have a great season.